Our mission 

We want to make work life just as good or even better than the home life.


To design work cultures that are sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable to work in.

About Us

We believe we are designers for a different kind of work experience. We help to change mindsets in a way that helps grow businesses. We look to innovative ways to bring about change. Hence the TECH in the middle of our name. For us, TECH represents innovation and change. We want to work with others who also want to change the way things are today into something better. It's an ambitious dream to be designers of change but one that we aspire to live up to.

At The Architechts, we are a team of experts with different skill sets that we use to collaborate to resolve problems. We combine our knowledge in different areas to create company cultures that help engage employees, generate profit and cut costs such as:

  • change management & project management,

  • design thinking,

  • compensation & reward,

  • recruitment & onboarding,

  • leadership training,

  • internal communications,

  • employer branding,

  • process

  • And more!

We believe that each company blueprint is like a snowflake, no two are the same. We take the time to understand the company and its overall goals to design the type of work environment and culture that will support its success. We are passionate about designing company cultures that fit the goals of the company and creates an environment where people enjoy working. There is something special about walking into a workspace where everyone is invested in the success of the team and the company. It can become an epidemic spreading from person to person, from team to team, until it covers the entire organization.

Our goal is to design the right blueprint for each company.


Our process

1.        Understanding your business. In order, to create the blueprint for your company culture we need to understand your business. Your mission, vision, values, goals, and leadership. How are all the parts (teams) supposed to work together?

2.       We get together as a team to brainstorm how we can bring about the results you want with changes that sustainable and impactful.

3.       Analysis of your teams. We need to understand the team you already have in place. What is the leadership style? How does it fit with the overall goals? What skillset does each person bring? What is their aptitude to do more?

4.       Design the systems, processes and procedures. This is where we create the employee experience. At each point of contact an employee has with their company, what do we want them to experience as an employee?

5.       Training your leaders. We train inspiring leadership. This means helping your leaders to inspire the best from your employees, through change, through difficult times, through unpredictable circumstances.

6.       Ambassadorship. When it’s all done you should have people who believe in your company, your product or services so deeply that they can’t stop saying good things about it. This type of engagement is gold. The experience that they have with your company will remain a positive influence on them long after they have moved on to new challenges.  

Our Values

transparency photo


As clear as water. There’s nothing under the rug, behind the door, or around the corner that hasn’t already been seen or talked about together. We like to be upfront and honest so we can bring about real change and success for our clients.



We love create something new and unique for each company we work with. It opens the possibilities for new ideas and new ways of working. Even just be a slight twist on an old idea gets us excited.

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We work together with like-minded people who believe in our overall vision. And as we grow our community grows and we continue to share best practices and knowledge. Stronger together is our motto.



We love to laugh and have fun when we work. If what we are doing isn’t fun, then there’s something broken somewhere and we need to fix it.