Photo credit:  Melody Rae Photography

About Me, Shea Harty


I love Monday mornings.

No exaggeration. I love Monday mornings as much as I love Friday nights. It is the expectation of a new week with new challenges. It is the anticipation that I will see my clients or colleagues, people who I spend more time with than I do my own family. It is the joy of being a part of something where I add value. That is what Mondays mean to me.

I have worked in Human Resources for more than ten years and I have been in many different roles from recruitment, talent management, compensation, internal comms, information systems, etc.

And in every role, its the same question, “How do we keep our employees engaged and productive?”

I believe that a healthy work environment can foster great ideas and excellent performance. I have been lucky to work in wonderful environments that allowed me to grow and share my ideas. When I first start working with a client, I try to understand the current culture, to identify what is working well. By talking to employees and management I can get a sense of what may be blocking better productivity. Maybe its the processes, maybe the management style, maybe the external influences. I keep an open mind to the problems and the possibilities.