Engage by Design

Engagement = Clarity + Timing + Involvement

Communication is queen! There can never be too much as long as it is concise, clear and timely. This is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Knowing what to say, when to say it and even HOW to say it is always a challenge. This is how we help you. We devise a strategy with you aligned with your company values on how, when and what to communicate. We make it easy for you and your management to say what is most important in a way that others understand and feel involved. So your small business is communicating with the effectiveness of a large corporation but with the personal touch that continues to make your business feel special.

Your own company communications blueprint! 

We train your leaders on the strategy and provide them with tools to make it easy for them. We design a blueprint that is easy to follow and allows leaders to communicate in a way that helps your employees understand.  So you're always saying the right thing at the right time.

Blueprints start at 1500 euros and stand- alone workshops are available. 

Learn more about our process or contact us today to set up your customized program.


Engage by Design Workshops

We offer two workshops to help you design your communications blueprint yourself.

Engage by Design workshops are 500 euros plus BTW.  The workshops are personal with no more than 4 people. Lunch and drinks are included. All of our workshops include one 1 to 1 coaching session (valued at 150 euros per session, sessions are 90 minutes) to further help you implement your activities from the workshop.

If you sign up for both workshops there is a discount of 15% plus you receive a bonus 1 to 1 session.

So that is 2  workshops plus 3 personal coaching sessions, (valued at 1450 euros) for only 850 euros.

Strategic Communications: Designing the Blueprint for Your Company's Needs

This workshop will help managers and business owners who want to add structure to the communications with their team. It's for growing companies that are bringing on new people and want to make sure everyone is aligned and knows what to do. Because when everything is moving so fast and growing so big it's hard to keep everyone informed. When employees receive communications on a regular basis they are more inclined to do more than is asked of them. This workshop will help owners and founders create a blueprint that others can follow and understand. 

1) Identify the company values that will be the foundation of what you communicate and how

2) Design a blueprint that you can share with your team so everyone knows what to expect and when.

Deliver the News: Tips on How to Position the Delivery of Your Messages

This workshop is for owners and managers who have their strategy communications in a blueprint that their managers and teams can follow but struggle with the words and format of executing their plans. You have an idea of what you want to say but  you struggle with how to deliver it. We'll discuss body language, messaging style, presentation tips, messaging, delivering bad news, and more.

1) Understand your own personal communication style aligned with the company values that are communicated

2) Test out writing and presentations skills 

3) Learn easy video tips that save time and keep your message on target