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Evolution = Professionalized Human Resources + Employee Experience

It’s time to move your employee information from spreadsheets to a system, create an employee handbook, and move toward more structure as your company is hiring more people and growing very quickly.  It's time for your business to evolve. As you grow, maintaining and protecting your employee information is key and required by data privacy laws. It is also a time-saver to move holiday/vacation tracker from the excel sheet to a system that your employees can maintain themselves.

Your processes and procedures are the foundation to your employees experience within the company. The moments when your employee's personal needs intersect with the company's needs is an opportunity to solidify your brand internally, the same way you address it externally. For example, when your employee needs to address with their pay, education/training, expenses, sickness or death in their family, or their own health and well-being these are the points where they have personal contact with the company outside of their day to day work.

How will they be treated?

How do your policies reflect who you are as a company?

How will they experience your brand?

We help our clients identify the system, processes and procedures that fit their needs and reflect who they are. So when they tell the world that they believe in something like service or transparency, their customers feel and their employees as well. And when your employees have the same experience as your customers they are more committed to your company. They are more aligned in what you want to deliver to your customers and they deliver with passion. We will look at the overall employee experience you deliver starting even before someone joins your company, at the recruitment stage, and continuing after they leave your company.

We provide a packages to accommodate your needs and your budget. We think along with you on what would best suit you and plan for bigger things to come

Learn more about our process or contact us today to set up your customized program.



Evolve by Design Workshops

Photo by  Olu Eletu  on  Unsplash

Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash

Value Based Recruitment: Strategies to Align the Right Candidates to Your Company Values

This workshop is designed for companies are growing rapidly and finding that their recruitment strategy is not attracting the people they need to keep up with its growth.

1) Use your company values as the foundation of your recruitment plan

2) Devise a simple plan that maps the recruitment journey for would-be employees.

Photo by  Tim Gouw  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Value Based Questions & Answers: Ask the Right Questions and Get the Right Answers

Once you have the recruitment strategy in place, you will want to do a deep dive into the types of questions you want to ask and the types of answers you are looking for.

1) Learn how to map values and competencies to certain roles

2) Devise specific questions to address each role

3) Learn how to use follow up questions and analyze responses


Value based recruitment allows you to identify and hire the right people for your company. People who align with your company's purpose and goals. We offer two workshops to help you design your recruitment blueprint yourself.

Evolve by Design workshops are personal with 4 to 6 peopleLunch and drinks are included. All of our workshops include one 1 to 1 coaching session (sessions are 90 minutes) to further help you implement your activities from the workshop.